After more than three fantastic years, helping inspire the COPD community to challenge and manage your COPD, the time has come to say goodbye.

COPD: Life is Calling was launched to help people living with COPD challenge their ‘normal’; encouraging people living with the condition, and those affected by it, to set personal challenges to bring about positive change in their daily lives.

Over the past three years, COPD: Life is Calling has done just that – actively encouraging the community to share their challenges on the website and providing guidance on living with your COPD.

While COPD: Life is Calling is closing, we encourage each and every one of you to continue to challenge your COPD everyday and be an inspiration to others with the condition.

We wish you all the best!


Where can I find more information about COPD?

There are still a lot of support groups out there that have more information about COPD and will allow you to continue connecting with members of the community.

You can find information from respiratory patient associations such as:

The COPD Foundation, USA
Lung Foundation Australia
COPD Canada
British Lung Foundation, UK
Longfonds, Netherlands
Respira, Portugal


Will the Medikidz comics still be available? Where can I access them? 

The Medikidz comics will still be available using the following links:

English: http://www.medikidz.com/flipbooks/copd_novartis/

France: http://www.medikidz.com/Redirection/copd/france/fr/index.html

Greece: http://www.medikidz.com/Redirection/copd/greece/gr/index.html

Spain: http://www.medikidz.com/Redirection/copd/spain/sp/index.html

Japan: http://flipbooks.jumohealth.com/?comic=copd&country=jp&lang=jp

I have a question / I would like to access information from the website

If you have any further questions then you can contact us via email at:


I submitted a challenge, what will happen to my contact information?

Any content submitted to the website including challenges and email addresses will be permanently deleted with no possibility to recover this information.

March 2018