About COPD: Life is Calling

What is the COPD: Life is Calling campaign?

COPD: Life is Calling is a global campaign launched to help people living with COPD challenge their ‘normal’. The campaign encourages people living with the condition, and those affected by it, to set personal challenges to bring about positive change in their daily lives.

The campaign is led by Novartis Pharma AG and includes a website as well as a Facebook page.

The website content has been translated from the original English version into multiple languages. The translations are not directed to a specific country audience and are provided only as a convenience for a global audience.

Who is Novartis?

Novartis Pharma AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland.

How can I contact the team responsible for the campaign?

Via e-mail to novartiscopd@crestonhealth.co.uk or through the campaign Facebook page

What kind of challenge should I share on the site?

Share something that is both realistic and motivating for you. Hobbies, family and friends, events, work, relationships or exercise – focus on what matters to you most. Please do not mention treatment or medication and do not use any language that could be considered offensive. Click here to submit your personal challenge.

Why can I not talk about treatment or medication?

COPD: Life is Calling is a disease awareness campaign and is not therefore designed or intended to promote the prescription, sale, distribution, consumption or use of any medication or treatment whatsoever. This campaign was built and launched to support COPD patients around the world, regardless of their access to treatment or medication choices.

How will Novartis use the content I submit through the website?

Your challenge will be uploaded to www.COPDLifeisCalling.com and translated into five languages. If you allow us to share your challenge (during the submission process on the site) we will share your entry on the COPD: Life is Calling Facebook page. We may also use your challenge in content we develop about the campaign in order to inspire others to take on personal challenges.

What will Novartis do with my personal information?

We will not sell, share or distribute your personal information to any third party. We will not publically share your e-mail address. We only collect it as a point of contact to keep you informed with the overall progress of the campaign.

Ready to make a change?

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