Living with COPD


For most people, breathing isn’t something you think about. It’s an automatic movement that you don’t notice throughout the day. But for the 210 million people thought to be living with COPD, every breath is vital and made more difficult by their condition.

If you have COPD, it’s important to focus on finding ways to stay active and healthy, as well as learning how to manage your symptoms.

Since the impact of COPD can be overwhelming, it may help you to try and tackle challenges one at a time in small steps.

We’ve developed the information pages below to help you make the first move towards change.

We also manage a Facebook community should you wish to connect with other people living with COPD.

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Inspiring Stories


“I may have COPD, but I can assure you COPD does not have me.”

Paula, Ireland


“I am not done yet. Every step I take will be a step closer to leading as normal a life as I possibly can.”

Latita, Ireland

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April 2016