Social isolation


Reduced mobility, caused by COPD, can distance you from friends and family, and leave you feeling alone. This isolation is felt by many but you can make small changes to your routine to help you feel more connected.

Perhaps try some of these ideas:COPD LIC Week Planner

  • Invite friends and family round to your house, if you are unable to travel to see them
  • Plan activities according to your ability for the week ahead, giving you something to look forward to. Try using our simple weekly planner
  • Connect with loved ones online through Skype or by email, and meet others with COPD on the COPD: Life is Calling Facebook page
  • You can also find support by looking for your local patient groups

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“You learn to accept it more than anything, and you live with it, but you don’t let it rule your life”

Ann, Ireland

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April 2016