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Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone. But if you suffer from COPD, the muscles you use for breathing may need ten times more calories than those of a person without COPD, making it especially important.

Here are some things you could do to get the right nutrients while maintaining a healthy weight.

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It’s also useful to consider the calorie content of your meals throughout the day.

  • Men need on average 2,500 calories per day
  • Women need on average 2,000 calories per day

However if you are less active you may need fewer calories, so talk to your healthcare professional before changing your diet.

A good rule to follow is to try and manage your meals so you get your energy spread across the day. A guide would be to allocate your calories:

  • Breakfast: 20%
  • Lunch: 30%
  • Evening meal: 30%
  • Drinks and snacks: 20%

You can find information about calories on food packaging. Sometimes they are shown in ‘Kcal’ units. For fresh produce and non-packaged foods, try searching online for calorie content.

The US government also has a tool you can use to find out more about the nutritional value of foods:


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