Preparing for your next appointment


Before your next appointment, why not try following these simple steps and make sure you are fully prepared.

Step 1: Before your appointment. Be prepared.

 Set a clear goal for your next visit.

  • For instance, make a decision on what you would like to talk about: “I will talk about something that I am no longer able to do because of my COPD, but that I would like to do again”

Monitor how you feel and take your notes to your next visit.

  • Keep track on a dedicated notepad, computer or smartphone
  • Record what you felt, when, how often, and the impact this had on you

Write down any other important questions and topics you want to discuss with your doctor.

Step 2: During your appointment. Express yourself.

Be assertive and open

  • Try to see things from your doctor’s perspective – they may not know or fully understand the impact your COPD is having on your life. Give them clear examples of how COPD is affecting you day-to-day
  • Try to be receptive to guidance and advice even if it seems that it will be difficult to implement

Be clear on the problem

  • For instance, say what you feel, when you feel it and how it affects you. For example: “I get really breathless when I walk to the park with my grandson. I feel really down about this and it is affecting our relationship.”

Ask for a solution and work with your doctor

  • For instance: “What can I do to control my breathing when I walk to the park?”
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more information or for the doctor to explain something again if you don’t understand
  • Make sure you and your doctor are clear about the goals you set for the next visit

Step 3: After your appointment. Learn from your visit

 Take time to reflect

  • Did you share everything you wanted to share?
  • Did you get all the answers you needed?
  • What will you do again or differently next time?
  • Write down or tell someone soon what the doctor said. It helps you to remember what he said. If in doubt don’t be afraid to call the doctor up again.

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