Looking after children


Keeping children entertained can be a full-time job. We’ve pulled together some quick and simple games to take the stress out of looking after the little ones!

Indoor bowling gameNovartis_LIC_indoor bowling_0.2_151028-01

Looking for an activity that is easy and fun to do with your children or grandchildren? How about making your own bowling game to play together?

Here are some quick and simple steps.




Create a cotton wool snowmanNovartis_LIC_Snowman_0.2_151118-01

If you’re tasked with keeping your kids or grandkids entertained while they’re off school, why not create your own indoor snowman with them?

Follow these simple steps.





The “I am bored” jar LIC_Novartis_THE I AM BORED JAR__0.2_150730

“I am bored” – the three words we all dread hearing. Check out a few ideas for activities to keep the little ones entertained without too much effort.






Plan a family dayCOPD LIC Plan a family day

To help you make the most of your time with the kids, we have put together some ideas.

Print our checklist and see how many you can do today.


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