Talking COPD


After a COPD diagnosis, it may be difficult for people and their relatives to process all the new information and understand what the true impact might be on daily life.

Explaining COPD to others

For those without respiratory (breathing) problems, one way to demonstrate the difficulties associated with COPD is to try this simple exercise. Perhaps you could persuade your relatives to try it:

  • Use a simple drinking straw to breathe through while walking around normally. Do you feel how this restricts your breaths in and out?
  • Now try breathing through the straw while climbing up and down stairs five times. How difficult is that for you?

Explaining COPD to children

We understand that a COPD diagnosis can be a really difficult thing to explain to your loved ones; especially young children! Sometimes it’s hard to think of the impact that these changes can have on those around you and explaining why it’s happening can be even harder! The symptoms of COPD can certainly be a very difficult thing for kids to comprehend!

medikidz-in-pageSo bearing this in mind, we’ve developed a new comic book to help make those conversations a little easier.

Join Hannah and Andrew on their journey with the Medikidz superhero team to discover the causes of their Grandma’s COPD and ways in which she uses her COPD treatment to support her condition.

We hope you find it useful! You can find it here.

Talking to people with COPD

You can find people just like you to talk to, who are living with COPD on the COPD: Life is Calling Facebook page. You’ll also find educational content to help you understand the condition.

Finding information

Use the links around this website to find out more about COPD. If you would like information more local to you, you can find respiratory patient associations such as:

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